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Essay on Child Abuse and Neglect - 858 Words

There are many things in our society today that unfortunately go overlooked. One such thing that is overlooked is the number of children who are being abused. Unfortunately these children are going through life not knowing whether or not their parents will loose their temper and perhaps kill them. There are many types of child abuse, such as physical, sexual, and emotional. Physical abuse is physical injury as a result of punching, beating, kicking, biting, shaking, throwing, stabbing, choking, hitting, burning, or otherwise harming a child. Such injury is considered abuse regardless of whether the caretaker intended to hurt the child. Sexual abuse includes activities by a parent or caretaker such as fondling a childs genitals,†¦show more content†¦According to statistics 12.4 per 1000 children under the age of 17 have been a victim of child abuse. More than 6 million children are reported as abused in the last year. Sadly the fate of many of these children that live in abus ive homes is death. 1.84 per 100,000 was reported to be abused in 2012. The number continued to rise to 1.96 in 2014. In the reported cases both or one parent was the cause of the death 79% of the time. In 16% of the cases a non-parent guardian was the cause of death. 5% of the deaths were caused by an unknown person. There are many things that cause parents to abuse their children and there are also many affects that abuse has on the child being abused. You cannot pinpoint one cause for child abuse, because parents abuse their children for many different reasons. One reason for the abuse is that the parents were abused as children. So, this is the only way they know to discipline their children. Another reason is that the parents are teenagers and not ready for children One more reason for the abuse is alcohol and substance abuse. The affect that abuse has on children is not only physical but the abuse affects children on many different levels. When children are abused they are 53% more likely to commit criminal acts as an adolescent and 40% more likely to commit a crime as an adult. Also the children have maladaptive, anti-social andShow MoreRelatedChild Abuse and Neglect1653 Words   |  7 Pages Child Abuse and Neglect Child abuse, or child maltreatment, is an act by a parent or caretaker that results in or allows the child to be subjected to death, physical injury, sexual assault, or emotional harm. Emotional abuse, neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse are all different forms of child abuse. Child abuse is more than bruises and broken bones. While physical abuse might be the most visible, other types of abuse, such as emotional abuse and neglect, also leave deep, lastingRead MoreChild Abuse And Neglect704 Words   |  3 Pagesexperience this feeling, not just for a second, but throughout their childhood. Neglect is child abuse, as well as physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse. Child abuse is awful because it causes the child to feel worthless, to lose trust, and to have serious psychological problems early on in life. Neglect is the most common form of child abuse. The parent or caregiver fails to provide basic needs for the child. Neglected children are constantly being told that they are worthless orRead MoreChild Neglect : Neglect As A Form Of Child Abuse2216 Words   |  9 PagesChild Abuse: Neglect Has The Community Done Enough To Reduce Cases Of Neglect As A Form Of Child Abuse? Thesis statement: most scholars and practitioners have elaborated adverse impacts of child abuse, especially child neglect, but the research focuses on the positive side of the discourse; it concentrates on the community contribution and the steps that have helped to reduce and stop the act in many nations. The term child abuse got used in a very broad array of situation that it has become hardRead MoreChild Abuse and Neglect2475 Words   |  10 Pages This paper will discuss child abuse and neglect and the lasting effects left on a child. The main types of abuse and neglect explained are emotional abuse, psychological abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, medical neglect, educational neglect, emotional neglect, and physical neglect. Included are some warning signs of these different types of abuse and neglect and the legal definitions of each. It is important to understand that all of these forms of abuse and neglect are different and containRead MoreChild Abuse And Neglect1612 Words   |  7 PagesAbuse occurs when one person mistreats or misuses other people, showing no care for their health or acknowledging them as a human being. People who abuse others manage to manipulate their victims into submission or make them comply at their will. Children who are abused are more likely to h ave mental health problems than children who are abused. More than likely, the children who are abused tend to struggle academically, but does abuse really hinder a child’s academic career? And if so, what kindRead MoreChild Abuse and Neglect922 Words   |  4 PagesASSIGNMENT 1: SOCIAL ISSUE- CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT KIM CARTER SOCIOLOGY PROFESSOR PATRICIA HENNINGTON JANRUARY 29, 2012 Child abuse and neglect The issue of child abuse and neglect is serious, controversial, and is escalating in today’s society. Many people are not aware, but child abuse is rampant in our society. Many child abuse and neglect cases go unreported because a person may not know the signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect or perhaps the person or person may feel that thisRead MoreChild Abuse and Neglect1678 Words   |  7 Pagestopic of child abuse is one of the hardest topics to write about. It is imperative to have a profound understanding of this topic and its consequences specially when working in the field of human services. Professionally and personally, I have encountered situations where child abuse is present. This reality has touched my life in many ways and these experiences continue shaping me as a human being and as social service provider. I will try to cover in this paper the subject of child abuse, its definitionsRead MoreChild Abuse And Neglect Of A Child817 Words   |  4 PagesC hild Abuse and Neglect The meaning of child abuse is the mistreatment of a child in the form of injury, sexual abuse, neglect or exploitation. The signs of possible child abuse include, but are not limited to sudden behavior change, untreated medical issues, difficulties in school, lack of adult attention, the child makes excuses to stay away from home. Parents can also show signs such as showing little interest in the child, blaming the child for the child’s problems. The parent could ask theRead More Child Abuse and Neglect814 Words   |  4 Pages Child Abuse Child abuse and neglect is frightfully high. As a country this is unacceptable. We need to come up with better ways to fight this â€Å"disease† before we destroy our children, our future. An estimated 903,000 children across the country were victims of abuse or neglect in 2001, according to national data released by the Department of Health and Human Services. The statistics indicate that about 12.4 out of every 1,000 children were victims of abuse or neglect, a rate comparable to the previousRead More Child Abuse and Neglect1102 Words   |  5 Pageswhat effects abuse can have on a child? The effects abuse can have on a child is very serious. Children can obtain serious problems from child abuse. They can develop social problems, depression, and anxiety. There are four types of abuse: physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. Physical abuse can injure a child severely. Domestic Violence is a worldwide problem and affects the health and well-being of those open to it. Children that are exposed to physical abuse are at risk

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The Dangers of Genetic Engineering Essay - 1023 Words

Genetically manipulating genes to create certain traits in a human embryo is impossible at this point. Perhaps it will never happen. It is not inevitable in the long run, as some scientists pragmatically point out. (Embgen). It is, however, something that dominates modern day discussion concerning genetics and therefore must be addressed with care and consideration. There are many ways that gene manipulation could come about. Advances in spermatogenesis as well as the field of assisted reproductive technology, as seen in In Vitro Fertilization clinics, point toward methods that could house the systematic alteration of genetic information in reproductive cells. Transplantation of sperm stem cells, embryo†¦show more content†¦Many people trust that DNA can be connected to the happiness and misery of the human population, and with a new gene we could define the meaning of human existence (Pragmatism). Even without the meaning of life, parents still try to help their children have the best possible life, free of diseases and pain. This hope for a good life gives rise to the use of genetics as an eliminator of diseases that are a result of imperfect DNA. After this pragmatic use, however, is the expectation that genetic engineering will bring about a systematized choice about better or exceptional babies. With the ability to alter a gene pattern comes the prospect that children face today - that of following in their parents footsteps. A child of an athlete finds himself prefigured as child athlete. This model would be more strictly enforced if children could be artificially predisposed to a certain trait (Pragmatism). Eliminating and enhancing traits, however, brings up the effect that parents have on their children without genetic engineering. The part that our environment plays in shaping the way we act and think is considered by some to be just as important, if not more so, than the effect of our biological makeup. The interplay between biological susceptibility and social values has a dramatic impact onShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Dangers of Genetic Engineering619 Words   |  3 Pages Genetic engineering has a fine line to when it becomes unethical. Ethically new research has offered to help people with disabilities and prevent them to better a persons life. The line is drawn when parents have the choice to modify their child through genomics, This may seem fine, but unfortunately parents are bettering their children to either make them smarter or more athletic. This modification endangers the childs life by unbalancing their original balance. Genomics allows a person toRead MoreDangers and Consequences of Genetic Engineering Essay1055 Words   |  5 PagesDangers and Consequences of Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering will be deadly. The harmful effects of this gene manipulation will not be discovered for years, and it will be too late to reverse the damage. The tools of genetic engineering are natural substances that control biochemical reactions that work like chemical scissors and glue, cutting and pasting DNA molecules and sticking them into the DNA of microbes. The microbes with these transplanted genes may beRead MoreThe Dangers of Genetic Engineering in Food Products Essay1039 Words   |  5 PagesThe Dangers of Genetic Engineering in Food Products A whooping 60% of whats on our supermarket shelves may contain genetically engineered soya. Some 3000 genetically engineered foods are lined up for approval. How should genetically engineered (GE) foods be regulated? Foremost, we must clarify what genetic engineering is-- laboratory technique used by scientists to change the DNA of living organisms. DNA is the blueprint for the individuality of an organism. The organism relies upon the informationRead MoreDesigner Babies: What is Ethical? Essay977 Words   |  4 Pagesday in the future as if choosing a child’s characteristics were a normal way of life. The use of genetic engineering should not give parents the choice to design their child because of the act of humans belittling and â€Å"playing† God, the ethics involved in interfering with human lives, and the dangers of manipulating human genes. Because of the recent technological advances in genetic engineering, parents could have the choice not only to pick and choose their children’s physical appearances, butRead MoreThe Engineering of Human Genetics in Dreams and Nightmares Essay1274 Words   |  6 Pageswith regard to human genetic modification (Whitehouse). While there is an enormous amount of potential in human genetic modification, there is an equal amount of controversy that questions the ethics of such practices. For example, should the ability to modify a child’s genetic code be viewed as a technological possibility, or should it be a social obligation to ensure that all children are disease-free? Should it be the parents’ right to modify their unborn child’s genetic code to whatever theyRead MoreA Research On Genetic Modification1260 Words   |  6 Pagespermanently disabled, and thirty-seven to die. This tragic event is one of many issues that sparks the continuous debate on geneti c modification, which concerns the purposes, benefits, and dangers of modifying an organism’s DNA . While advocates for the increased production of disease-resistant crops and advocates for immunizations by engineered genes consider genetic engineering as advantageous, many individuals believe that such technology poses a lot more physiological harm than it does benefitsRead MoreGenetic Engineering Is The Act Of Deliberately Altering Genes Or The Dna Sequence961 Words   |  4 Pages Genetic engineering is the act of purposely altering genes or the DNA sequence. Specifically, the process of genetic engineering in humans has a lot of potential in regards to creating a healthier, more disease free society. Imagine living in a world where you wouldn’t have to fear that your offspring would be born with a life threatening disease, because scientists and medical professionals would have the capability to work together in order to manipulate the particular gene responsible for causingRead MoreEssay on Genetic Engineering is Unethical1154 Words   |  5 Pagesmeaningful; (Wald 45). These words were spoken by a Nobel Prize winning biologist and Harvard professor, George Wald, in a lecture given in 1976 on the Dangers of Genetic Engineering. This quotation states that incredible inventions, such as genetic engineering, are not always beneficial to society. Genetic engineering is â€Å"altering the genetic material of cells and/or organisms in order to make them capable of making new substances or performing new functions; (Wald 45). It is also one of the topRead MoreGenetic Engineering: Designer Babies Essay690 Words   |  3 PagesWhen they fill questions out, a baby appears as it was described just before. The baby is in the picture of health, and looks perfect in every way. The use of genetic engineering shouldnt give parents the choice to design their child because of the act of humans â€Å"playing† God, the ethics involved in interfering with human lives, and the dangers of changing human genes. Because of recent technological advances in designer babies, parents could have the choice not only to pick and choose their childsRead MoreThe Benefits of Genetically Modified Crops1191 Words   |  5 Pagesthe United States are genetically modified strains. Genetic engineering is very important to modern society because of the world’s expanding population and with the arising need of food; it provides an adequate source. Genetic engineering may have both advantages and disadvantages, but the future of mankind may be affected greatly if it is allowed to prosper as a modern science. Several main arguments that many people have about genetic engineering are the effects of scientific evolution, cloning experiments

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Interview Paper - 1104 Words

CW is a 49-year-old female who lives in Kingston, PA. She currently lives with her husband and two children. She is employed as nurse at First Hospital, in Kingston, PA. CW recently began a new job in a different department of the hospital. CW expressed that throughout her adult life, raising her family is most important to her. She is focused on accomplishing her roles of being a wife, mother, nurse, and daughter. She likes to be social and meet new people. CW values her independence and finds every job that she is involved in to be important. She dislikes people who put other people down. Overall CW values her family and hard work ethic. Assessments Performed: On February 20th, 2017, the following tools were used to complete an initial†¦show more content†¦When balancing her checkbook, CW was able to perform all aspects of the task in a timely manner and with no issues. CW expressed concern about the impact of her new jib on her daily activities.. CW continuously asked if she was wrong for taking her new job. CW expressed that she is concerned that the stress from her new job is causing her to become forgetful. CW began to talk about losing her father, and how it is affecting her emotionally. CW also expressed that her family does not believe her cognitive skills are decreasing, but she is upset that she will be unable to fulfill her duties as a wife and a mother, due to the stress of her new job. When completing the TFLS, CW was discouraged at the fact that she had to complete the assessment, overall. CW displayed confidence when completing time, money and calculation, and communication skills. When the memory section began, CW b ecame upset and continued to ask for reassurance to make sure she was completing this part of the assessment the correct way. Texas Functional Living Scale (TFLS) Results: Time Total Money and Calculation Total Communication Total Memory Total TFLS Total Raw Score 9 8 27 4 48 Subscale Cumulative Percentage 75% 51-75% 51-75% 17-25% TFLS T-Score 55 Interpretation High Average Average Average Low Average Average †¢ Observations during Texas Functional Living Scale (TFLS): It was observedShow MoreRelatedInterview with the Vampire Paper3909 Words   |  16 PagesProfessor Radek FLM 2009-100 2 December 2011 Summary Applications Paper: Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles I have enjoyed many vampire movies over the years, long before they became the popular pop-culture genre they have become due to the success of The Twilight Saga films. One movie I have enjoyed viewing many times since its debut in 1994 is Interview with the Vampire. This film is an adaptation of the book Interview with the Vampire written by Anne Rice in 1973 and published inRead MoreReflection Paper On The Interview Process1025 Words   |  5 PagesAssignment 3- Reflecting on the interview process Reflexivity involves being able to think critically about the self and others research work, with a robust and open curiosity about how we find ourselves situated in events and interprets the behaviour of other people and ourselves (Coles, 1992). This is a reflexive paper of an interview experience of some general people about their knowledge regarding Aboriginal community’s health issue. There is a little research on how general people are awareRead More The Interview Paper890 Words   |  4 PagesThe Interview Paper Description of Stoneman Stoneman is ninetieth-years-old. He is a 5 feet 8 inch Chinese boy. He has a big nose but small eyes with glasses. By looking at his mouth, you will think that he is a talkative boy because of his big mouth, but not. He is a passive person. If you don’t talk to him, he never opens his big mouth because he knows his mouth stinks. Although you maybe hate stink, you will like to talk with him because he is really very kind and he can give you a goodRead MoreInterview Paper : Comparative Interview Essay1699 Words   |  7 PagesComparative Interview Paper Gladwell Kamaru MidAmerica Nazarene University Comparative Interview Paper I got the opportunity to interview two distinct professional counselors. I will be discussing their similarities and differences in their professional careers; Based on their professional identity, approach to therapy orientation, work setting as well as discussing unique experiences they have encountered. The interview experience was very insightful in understanding the work environment forRead MoreInterview : Comparative Interview Paper Essay1700 Words   |  7 PagesComparative Interview Paper Introduction Gladwell Kamaru MidAmerica Nazarene University Comparative Interview Paper Introduction I got the opportunity to interview two distinct professional counselors. I will be discussing their similarities and differences in their professional careers; Based on their professional identity, approach to therapy orientation, work setting as well as discussing unique experiences they have encountered. The interview experience was very insightful in understandingRead MoreInterview With My Interview Paper929 Words   |  4 PagesFor my interview paper, I decided to talk to my neighbor Rebecca Schwartz, who I have known for 14 years. I decided to interview her because she was an early education teacher for infants and toddlers and has experience working with an entire classroom of students with disabilities as well as experience working with a classroom with only one student with a disability. I wanted to gain insight on her experiences teaching a classroom with only one student with a disability, while the remaining classroomRead MoreInterview Paper1441 Words   |  6 Pagess peaks Russian fluently. J is beginning is second year of teaching 7th grade language arts at Anson Middle School. Setting, Dates, and Lengths of Interviews Both interviewees graciously agreed to meet with me in the media center at Anson Middle School and each interview lasted approximately 1 hour. The interview date for J was Tuesday, July 18th; S’s interview was held on Thursday, July 20th. Questions The following questions were posed to each person: Are truly democratic classrooms possible? Do publicRead MoreInterview Reflection Paper846 Words   |  4 PagesFor my interview reflection paper, I decided to listen to the NPR’s interview with Oliver Sacks, â€Å"A Neurologist at the ‘Intersection of Fact and Fable.† Terry Gross had the opportunity to interview him in regard to his book, â€Å"Hallucinations,† which elaborates on patients who had hallucinations as a result of numerous different causes, including medications and injuries. Gross also asked him personal questions that pertained to his own experiences with recreational drugs and being a neurologist. ThereforeRead MoreLeadership Interview Paper721 Words   |  3 PagesLeadership Interview and Reflection Paper Grand Canyon University LDR-600 Leadership Styles and Development Tiffany Helton April 24, 2013 When interviewing a leader in an organization in order to discover their leadership style one must ask critical questions. I had the opportunity to interview Casey Aguirre who is a Team Manager at the Salem Call Center for T-Mobile. Casey has been with T-Mobile for over 11 years. In this interview we discussed her leadership style, the steps she took toRead MoreInterview Paper With A Counselor Essay800 Words   |  4 PagesAuthor Interview paper with a Counselor (Rebecca Alexander), and a Social Worker (Mina McVeigh). This interview is for Mrs. Scott’s online class. â€Æ' Throughout history in the United States, we have multiplied the amount of individuals who are considering or participating in the fields: social work and/or counselor. These career fields are not always positive because individuals see situations that makes them cringe. However, there is a lot of rewarding aspects of these specific fields, each individuals

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Angels on the Road free essay sample

I was taught from a very young age by my mother that there are heavenly beings called Guardian Angels. Guardian Angels are supposedly beings that live in heaven and on Earth watching over people. These beings are supposed to protect children from harm as they grow up, and protect people in their darkest hour. As a child I questioned the existence of these beings. For some reason I needed concrete proof for something to be true or exist. At this point in my life I hadnt acquired that leap of faith that most adults have. I still believed in God as a child, but was still curious for some proof of Guardian Angels. My mother would tell me stories of miracles that had really occurred to try and get me to believe in them. But I was still skeptical, thinking about how there are also a bunch of myths in this world. I will never forget the day I acquired a leap of faith and started to believe in Guardian Angels. I was seven years old, and it was the day I had been dreading for two months: Moving Day. We were going to move from North Dakota all the way to Minnesota, which meant moving away from all my friends and family. Now, you might be thinking, whats the big deal? But let me tell you, from a seven year olds perspective, moving is like being told you are being sent to H*ll. So, I returned to my room to look for any misplaced things. I glanced at the bare walls that used to hold my drawings and pictures, which were now just faded memories. I envisioned my bed being pushed into the corner, just under my window where I could view my tree fort. Memories flashed through my head: Mike and Evan climbing up it to meet me again to play, us pretending to be pirates sailing the ocean blue or monkeys climbing a tree. I imagined that same picture without me in it. I started to tear up at the thought and ran out into the front yard to take in a deep warm breath. I could hear the birds chirping at one another; the sun was shining its light down on the grass, making it feel like a nice warm cozy bed. I lay down to look up at the clear blue sky, taking in its endless beauty. As a warm breeze swept across my body, I started to relax and felt warm inside. I felt a calm inside of me that I had never experienced before. I felt as light as a cloud, drifting in the open air. I noticed that a stray white cloud had entered the sky. Its shape started to slowly melt, molding here and there to form a hand. But it seemed to be a hand that was pointing at something. I felt as if the cloud was trying to communicate to me. Confused, I let my eyes drift in the direction it was pointing and noticed my little brother Joey who was four years old at the time in his tiny blue overalls. He was wearing his favorite Blues Clues hat and skipping along the sidewalk. I watched him, as he picked some flowers, looked at them, and smelled them. Wow, I thought, why on earth is he acting like a girl! But my humor was short lived, as I watched him gazing at something shiny in the street. He suddenly dropped the flowers and ran over to it. As he stood near the mysterious item, the cloud from earlier blocked the sun, making me look up from the street to the sky. As I did this, I noticed some movement from atop the hill. I saw an old rusty orange pick-up truck, starting to go down the hill and gaining speed toward my bother. WAIT! TOWARD MY BROTHER! I realized frantically as I started to scramble onto my feet. I caught a quick glimpse at the truck again, and it seemed to smile at me, as if it were saying, Bring it on! It was as if this was the face of Death himself! He seemed to have revved the engine, floored the gas, and taken aim at my brother. I realized frantically that this had become a race between Death and me, to see who could reach my brother first. Time seemed to slow down, as I raced toward my innocent looking brother. I could see my mom, who apparently had seen my brother in the street. She stood on the front steps with a look of horror on her face and screamed, JOEY!!!!! Death was now only 20 feet away and was closing in fast for the kill. I exerted all my strength into one little thought: Reach my brother! Suddenly, I felt a surge of energy start pumping throughout my muscles. A mysterious force had entered my body. With this new profound energy, it felt as if I was sprinting as fast as the truck. I glanced back at Death and noticed with a heart-wrenching worry that he was winning. As I looked, I finally noticed the driver this time, but since the truck was going so fast, I couldnt even tell if it was a man or a woman. What I could tell, however, was that this driver was distracted with something else way more important than my brothers life. As I came to a speeding stop at my brothers side, I started to thrust my arm toward him when I was cast out of my body by the same strong force that had given me the energy boost. I now stood in the grass, literally looking at myself. This force or being then, using my own body, thrust my arm at my brother, grabbed a hold of his arm, and with the power of 1000 horses yanked my brother from the road just a split second before the truck reached where my brother had been standing as I stood in the yard with my jaw open. As soon as the truck had passed us I was suddenly back in my body. As I was still processing what happened, my mom flew toward us like a hawk swooping down from above to gather her hatchlings in her wings. I tried to speak up but my mother grabbed us with all her might, crying on our shoulders as tears of joy flowed from her eyes. Feeling my brother’s body squeezed up beside me, I turned to look at him. He was bug-eyed and wondering why he was being hugged. A smile came across my face as I thought, Ha-ha, that’s good old Joey for ya! As I sat there with my mother, I kept wondering what that mysterious force actually was. Only when we got back inside that house did the pieces fall into place. I was trudging down the hallway, still in shock, when I noticed that a picture was still hanging on the bare wall. It was a picture of a woman standing next to my grandpa. This woman was my grandma, who unfortunately passed away due to breast cancer before I was even born. Right then and there I just knew she was and still is special. Special because she was that force outside, or should I say, our familys own Guardian Angel.

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Nevaeh free essay sample

My niece Nevaeh is the most important person in my life. She brightens my day when it’s at it’s worst. She also knows how to put a smile on my face. Nevaeh I was the last one to find out. it was a sunday night and Isaac (my sister’s husband) and his parents came over for dinner and i remember watching t.v. when i heard â€Å"What are we gonna do about the baby?† and a big smile came to my face. The pregnancy was a long one, especially for me since i wanted the baby to come out already. i remember one time hitting my sisters stomach (on accident). My sister was watching t.v. and she didn’t want to cough up the remote; i took it from her and she came running at me like a wild boar i stuck my leg out in defense and it hit her in her in her stomach â€Å"DON’T KICK ME IN MY STOMACH!† and she takes the remote and throws it at me. We will write a custom essay sample on Nevaeh or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Time passes and then came the cramps and pains and finally time f or baby Nevaeh, waiting in the hospital was the longest moment of my life but the wait was well worth it. It was room 128 (i think) i waited outside with Steph and Homer; Homers grandma brings the Nevaeh and we get to see her for the first time. There she was wrapped in a blanket with a beanie and her jet black hair sticking out of it. Then at about 2 months it came time for them to head out to college. Great!, not really. i didn’t want them to leave, i wanted them to stay really bad, but they had to go. When it finally left to North Dakota it wasn’t until then that i really realized how much i cared for her. Luckily now they go to college in Boise and i get to see them more often. I love my niece Nevaeh and nothing is ever gonna change that.

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Making Colored Candle Flames

Making Colored Candle Flames Have you ever wanted to color the flames of your candles? Ive received several questions about how this might be achieved, including the following email: Hi, I just posted this question to the forum but I am also interested in your take on it. I read the article about colored fire and decided to try to make a candle with a color flame! First I tried dissolving the chems you suggested in the article (such as cupric chloride) into water until it was fully concentrated, and soaking some wicks overnight. After drying the wicks I found that on their own they do burn with a pretty flame (well, some of the chemicals), but once I tried adding wax to the mixture the natural color of the wax burning completely  took away any desired effects. Next I tried grinding up the chems into a fine powder and mixing as uniformly as possible with the wax. This was also unsuccessful and resulted in sporadic and weak color at best and often wouldnt even stay lit. Even when I could keep the particles from sinking to the bottom of the molten wax, they still [do] not burn correctly. I am convinced that in order to make a functioning candle with a color flame it is necessary to fully dissolve the salts and minerals listed in the article into the wax. Obviously the salts do not naturally dissolve and this got me thinking that maybe an emulsifier is necessary? Does that make sense? Thanks! If making colored candle flames was easy, these candles would likely be available for sale. They are, but only when the candles burn a liquid fuel. I would think you could make an alcohol lamp that burns a colored flame by attaching a wick to an alcohol lamp filled with fuel containing metal salts. The salts could be dissolved in a small amount of water, which would be mixable in alcohol. Some salts dissolve directly in alcohol. Its possible something similar could be achieved using a fuel oil. Im not sure a wax candle would ever work as well. Soaking the wick will produce a colored flame, much as if you burned paper or wood that has been soaked with metal salts, but the wick of a candle burns very slowly. Most of the flame results from combustion of vaporized wax. Has anyone tried making candles with colored flames? Do you have any suggestions for the reader who sent this e-mail or any tips about what will/wont work? Comments Tom  says: I too tried using paraffin wax but to no avail. I searched around and US patent 6921260 is probably the best description on the previous art and it’s own design, careful reading of the patent reveals that it should be possible to make colored flame candles at home if you know what you’re doing. Arnold  says: There is an old pdf article dated Dec 26, 1939 entitled Colored Flame Candle. In it William Fredericks used petroleum jelly as a fuel source with the mineral salt suspended in it. Although I haven’t built the whole project, I did suspend copper chloride in petroleum jelly, and it burned very nicely. A nice blue flame. You have to play with the ratios. As I see it, there are two approaches. A. Drill an existing candle from the top, and fill the hole with warmed jelly, or B. Follow the instructions in the article by building a candle around an inner core of jelly. But I was asked a question which I need to answer: Is breathing the smoke of colored flame candles healthy? i.e. copper, strontium, potassium Perhaps we can put our heads together on this project. I would like to get the colored flame candle project started. I saw that you have tried some things, but found they didn’t work. I would ask you not post this information yet. I would rather think this through with you and present the final project, rather than to publish the raw thinking of it. On the net I have found very chemically complicated candles (ethanolamine etc.) I mixed copper I chloride with petroleum jelly, put a wick in it, and it burned very nicely blue. There was some moisture there, so it did stink a bit. I read in one of the patent papers online that one of the problems is the amount of carbon particles in a candle flame. The suggestion was to use a palladium, vanadium or platinum chloride as a catalyst/accelerant (absorbing a small amount of this material on the wick) to increase the temperature. Not exactly cheap or readily available. But supposedly the orange flame is gone. The other alternative is to burn smaller chain organic compounds, like citric acid or benzoic acid. I haven’t tried these. Faerie flames advertises their candles are not paraffin, but crystals. Perhaps you have some ideas on other smaller molecules. I find that alcohol flames color very nicely, but paraffin is just not very hot burning. Yes, I am knowledgeable in chemistry with a B.Sc. in chemistry. Chels  says: I am trying to make a color flame candle myself. I think the first step would be producing a candle that burns with a light blue/luminous flame, you need to get rid of the yellow. To do this you need a fuel that has a low carbon content. Things like paraffin and stearin burn yellow due to their high carbon content. I don’t think it’s possible to make a good color flame candle with paraffin. A lot of patents seem to recommend Trimethyl Citrate. It’s a waxy/crystalline solid that burns a light blue. But I can’t find a place to get it, unless I want to buy it in industrial quantities! Does anyone know where I can find trimethyl citrate? It’s used as a food additive and cosmetic ingredient so I figure it isn’t toxic.   Amber  says: I see a lot of soy candles on the market. I am wondering if perhaps this may work with soy or beeswax?   Bryan  says: I have had a little success making a bluish candle flame by using copper desoldering braid. It makes a surprisingly good candle wick. In order to get the color, however, I first heated it up to melt out the impregnated rosin. I then put it in saltwater, put another wire in saltwater (pretty much any metal except aluminum), made sure they didn’t touch, and attached a 9 V battery to the wires- negative to the bare wire, positive to the copper braid. Within seconds, tiny bubbles will come off the – wire and blue-green stuff will form on the braid. Leave it in for a while. Most of the green stuff will come off the braid into the water. The stuff is most likely copper chloride, formed from the chloride in the salt. After the braid is green (but before it falls apart), pull it out, trying not to knock off too much stuff. Dry it, preferably by hanging. Then try that as a wick. I’ve only tried limited experiments, so your mileage may vary.   Eric  says: I’m working on Bryan’s idea of using desoldering braid as a wick. I’ve had limited success so far. The theory is good it seems, but the main problem I’ve had is that the wick doesn’t seem to be very good at drawing the molten wax up to the flame. The longest I’ve been able to keep one lit is about thirty seconds. I’m thinking that either I did not allow the wick to remain in the saltwater solution long enough or perhaps I might benefit from a different variety of wax or possibly weaving the braid together with a more traditional wick. priyanka  says: take 1.5 cups of water and add 2 tbsp of salt (NaCl). dissolve 4 tbsp of borax. Then dissolve Add 1 tsp. of one of the following chemicals for colored flames: strontium chloride for a brilliant red flame, boric acid for a deep red flame, calcium for a red-orange flame, calcium chloride for a yellow-orange flame, table salt for a bright yellow flame, borax for a yellow-green flame, copper sulfate (blue vitriol/bluestone) for a green flame, calcium chloride for a blue flame, potassium sulfate or potassium nitrate (saltpeter) for a violet flame or Epsom salt for a white flame. David Tran  says: Wouldn’t the NaCl contaminate the flame with yellow and overpower the other colors? Tim Billman  says: Priyanka: Check your colors. Boric acid burns green, calcium chloride burns orange/yellow, etc. I can make solutions of boric acid (which can be bought at Ace Hardware-type stores 99% pure as a cockroach killer) and strontium chloride (an additive from pet stores for saltwater fish tanks) which burn nicely in a mixture of acetone and rubbing alcohol, but those solutions do not mix with melted candle wax (because it is non-polar.) The next thing I was going to try was finding an emulsifying agent that was safe to burn (i.e., probably not soap) to make a semisolid colloid with the compounds dissolved in the wax. Any ideas on what my emulsifier could be? What can make oil and water mix besides soap? Mia  says: For colored flames the element burn: Lithium RedPotassium PurpleSulfur YellowCopper/copper oxide Blue/Green I would just look at the elements and chemicals that they use in fireworks because those burn with different colors.

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Art Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Art - Assignment Example On the other hand, Rome is based on aristocratic and hierarchical form of government and society. The two types of pottery are hand-built and wheel-thrown pottery. There are 3 techniques in making hand-built potter namely pinch pot, coil pot, and slab pot techniques. Pinch pot technique is undertaken by kneading the clay and then shaping it into different potteries such as bowl, dish, cup, etc. The coil pot technique is achieved by making long, round clips of clay and then these are coiled and stacked to achieve the desired shape. The third technique is the slap pot which is used to make clay boxes and other geometric forms and shapes. Advanced or complicated shapes can be achieved through the combination of the techniques. The other type of pottery is the wheel-thrown pottery which uses a potter’s wheel to be able to form shapes. The use of the said tool is a needed skill thus it is the primary requirement in using this method. Another important skill is to know the amount of water to use in making the pottery. This water suspension is referred to as the slip. The potter y glaze seals and waterproofs the pottery and undertaken after the first firing process that hardens the clay. Another term important in pottery is leather-hard which means a stage wherein the pottery is considerably hard but still workable. This stage is included in the greenware stage of pottery process which is prior to being put in the kiln or the baking apparatus. Pottery at this stage is also called bisque. The Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations are included in the earliest human civilizations with very distinct culture and art forms. The Mesopotamian civilization originated near the Tigris-Euphrates River while the Egyptian civilization originated near the Nile River. They both have a society based on religious beliefs. This can clearly be seen in their art wherein the